Banrock Station

Building a community around a healthier alcoholic drink

the challenge

Accolade Wines wished to raise awareness and launch a completely new product type, the reduced calorie, but great tasting alcohol drink, Banrock Station Light.

We were asked to raise awareness with consumers, build credibility, encourage sampling and create a community around the brand.

our solution

Our search engine and social media research revealed people were not actively looking for low alcohol or reduced calorie wines, but did show the target audience (women 25-44) were prolific users of Facebook and actively seeking and engaging with content around healthy diets and lifestyles.

the outcome

We designed a content strategy for Banrock Station’s Facebook page that allowed us to engage people’s interests in healthier food, drinks and lifestyles.

A Facebook application housing a promotion was launched that gave the opportunity for the community to taste samples of the wine and share their experiences with their friends. The campaign was promoted only via social outreach without any media support.

In 3 months we achieved:

  • A total reach 350,660
  • 17,000 new Facebook likes (from 200) within 6 weeks with no media, with a very high proportion being women between the ages of 25-44
  • 3,031,028 total Friends of Fans
  • 21,364 people talking about this
  • An additional 11,000 email addresses were collected via Banrock Station’s website
  • Facebook Insights showed that outreach and word of mouth drove over 98% of traffic, likes and comments.

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