Walls Funny Feet

Building community to bring Walls Funny Feet back from the dead

the challenge

With the wave of popularity for nostalgia brands, The Grocer magazine wanted to rally the British public and get them to vote for their favourite extinct product they wanted to be seen returned to the shelves.

With a B2B readership, the Grocer asked us to create a consumer facing campaign that the British public would get behind.

our solution

Our social media research showed that launching a Facebook page filled with nostalgic content relating to forgotten brands, adverts and products would help us engage the British public. To allow people to easily vote, a Facebook application was created that asked people to vote for their favourite brand and tell us why they wanted to see them returned. 

The Facebook page was promoted solely through outreach to relevant sites, communities and pages and due to the passion of the British public, within 6 weeks the page received over 10,500 likes, 9,500 votes and hundreds of comments. By the end of the 6 weeks campaign, the top three brands were Walls Funny Feet, Toffo and Trio.  With the Grocer, we took our campaign to the companies who owned the brands and showed them the public opinion.  Unilever was so inspired by the weight of public opinion that they investigated the feasibility of bringing back Funny Feet.  Over the summer it was confirmed as a possibility and Funny Feet are being returned to UK supermarkets for their fans to enjoy once again.  We are working with Unilever to support their launch activities with the Bring Back a Brand Facebook page.

the outcome

The programme achieved:

  • Over 10,500 likes within 3 weeks with no media 

  • 9,500 votes for brands people wanted to see back

  • High levels of engagement with comments, direct messages and shares

  • Community highly receptive to the revival of the brand with the first post receiving 191 likes and 18 comments

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