If you could choose one seemingly impossible achievement for your business three years from now, what would it be?

With our futurethinking© methodology, we can help you define your highest aspiration and work with you to create the marketing solutions that make those aspirations a reality.

The key, however, is to create an ambitious future, one that seems unthinkable bycurrent standards.

This has two immediate advantages:

1. It leads to more innovative ideas.
Whenever an organisation’s ambitions exceed what people think is possible based on today, the natural instinct is to believe ‘you can’t get there from here’. People tend to project from what they know or think currently exists.

The genius in thinking about the unthinkable is that it lets you focus on what’s missing, what’s not there that could be. It removes constraints of what people think is achievable.

2. It fuels infinite possibilities.
It results in a number of possible starting points and expands the field of possibilities.

Changing people’s beliefs about the future can produce extraordinary improvements in innovation, quality, customer service and profitability. The vision remains fixed, whereas the means to it becomes more flexible and opportunistic.

Planning from the future to inform the now

Speaking and behaving as though the new future already exists creates a new reality. It enables one to think and plan backwards from that future in order to take the most effective action in the present.

Using insight to drive compelling strategies

We create new brands and brighten up old ones. We develop advertising campaigns, generate leads and engage with customers. And it’s all based on insights from our futurelab© service.

Touchpoints in the customer journey are all measured and tested, continuously enhancing ideas to contribute significantly to your business.

The Merlin Factor

Robert was inspired to be a future thinker by a life-changing business experience at Mercury Communications in the 1990s. He was introduced to the concept by a team of brilliant business consultants who helped Mercury re-invent itself using a business transformation methodology called The Merlin Factor. To learn more about this, download The Merlin Factor paper below.

    the process

  • futurelab©

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    We start with insights. With futurelab© we can look beyond just demographics to find out who else could love your brand and what unites them all – driving compelling strategies and outstanding creative ideas. 

  • futurethinking© workshop

    the inspiration

    Our futurethinking© workshop is an opportunity to debate what your brand’s future might look like and why that’s compelling for
    your audiences and your organisation. We then build a bridge back from that future, identify the barriers that might prevent us from getting there and how to overcome them. It’s a very liberating – and effective – process. 

  • action planning

    the change

    Then it’s about actions. What key steps must
    be taken to deliver the
    new future? How do we prioritise? How will we measure progress and the end result? We help you answer these questions and more to take the
    most effective action. 

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