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28 June 2016, 10:39

Introducing #Stickers on Twitter

In Twitter's ongoing quest to improve the platform and encourage people to use Twitter more they are introducing #Stickers.

#Stickers is a "fun new way to add creativity to your photo's" according to Twitter's official release, by allowing you to add a sticker or as many stickers as you want to a picture from a pre-defined set provided by the platform. Now, this doesn't sound too innovative, however it doesn't end there. Adding a sticker or stickers to your imagery allows your photos to appear within Twitter search, grouped together with other photos that have that sticker added to them. Essentially it's similar to adding a hashtag to your Tweet, a gateway to other similar content categorised by that hashtag and now sticker. As a user you just tap on the sticker and you are sent into a Twitter search showcasing other photos that use that sticker.

It's an interesting approach from Twitter to encourage fun and build creativity within a photo, and has a sort of Snapchat feel to content, trying to inspire people to add stickers in the moment and live, and then keeping people within the platform searching for similar imagery.

There is a clear opportunity for brands here, by working with Twitter on building branded stickers (like Snapchat branded filters). Imagine an official Glastonbury or Euro 2016 logo for your photos, where people at the event or watching from home add a branded sticker to their image to contribute live and in the moment and then searching or being served similar content of interest. It allows for creativity on the platform and another way to search for similar content and keep people circulating within the platform. 

Twitter have already previously done this with emoji's, by working with certain brands to build bespoke emoji's (remember the launch of Halo for example) for people to add to their Tweets. However you couldn't interact and search through the emoji, which is what the #Sticker will allow you to do.

From a media point of view there is also an opportunity , like with emoji targeting, and will Twitter allow advertisers to target people via stickers that have been used (linking in with branded stickers) and to build out look-a-like audiences? Who knows, but I'm sure Twitter will be thinking of how this could be monetised if people use this new functionality regularly.

#Stickers isn't here just yet, and will be rolling out over the coming weeks for iOS and Android users.

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if you want to read the full release from Twitter, you can find it here.

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