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18 August 2016, 10:49

Pinterest introduces video ads

Pinterest have now joined other social networks in providing video based promotions. A couple of weeks ago, they initially launched their native video player and have quickly moved it into the ad sphere allowing people and brands to buy video on the platform.

The product is different to the likes of Facebook and Twitter video and similar to Pinterest's existing cinematic pins, where you pick a small chunk of the video that appears in the post and it works as a scrolling video in the feed, where the video reacts to the user scrolling up and down.

With this format and as creatives we need to think of Pinterest video in a similar light to other channels and how we tell a story and get a brand message across in the shortest space of time as possible. Facebook talk about the three second audition on their channel, and Pinterest is similar, although the creative needs to reflect the format of the channel and how we can tell a message in a video that is controlled by the users action in the newsfeed.

However, this is just the post in the feed, when a person clicks on the post they are shown the full video (which can be as long as you want) and additional content, allowing further brand messaging or longer form video to be communicated.

Moving into the video ad realm shows that Pinterest are after more investment from media agencies and that video is on rise on the platform, with Pinterest saying that then number of posts linked to video has grown by 60% over the last year. It will also be interesting to see how this ad format fits in with after formats such as shoppable pins, for example showing someone a clip of a clothing range and then going into buying the product.

It looks like a positive move from Pinterest and interesting for creative and media agencies, but as always, as long as the messaging is right and the posts are targeted to the right people with content that they want to see, it should work well for Pinterest. 

What are your thoughts on the latest update from Pinterest and how do you see the new ad format playing out? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter at @pslondon.

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