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28 August 2015, 15:11

PS London Does Southend-on-Sea

This July, following weeks of suspense, back and forth via e-mail, and secret planning at the hand of the directors, a plan was announced: PS London was going to Southend-on-Sea.


Organised in line with our annual away day, the team met early on a Thursday to make their way out of London, with no idea what the coming hours would bring.


Upon arrival at the Park Inn Palace Hotel, details were shared, and everyone took their seats to discuss the future of the agency, to learn more about each other’s roles within the organisation, and to prepare for a subsequent day of mini golf, rollercoasters and fish and chips.


The endeavour was a success. Aside from team bonding over putting techniques and evening drinks, we all learned a lot about each other’s ways of working, and  about how to create environments beneficial to both ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. We did all of this whilst sporting branded baseball caps donned with our nicknames– giving us the air of a lost group of tourists as we wandered down the seafront.


We’d like to say well done to our Design Director, Scott, for winning the away day trophy with his astounding mini golf skills, and to share our excitement for the things to come here at PS, and for the hardworking future thinkers that make up our team.


Southend-on-Sea: Complete.


Where will we end up next?

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