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07 July 2016, 17:00

pslondon - third highest movers in this year's Design Week 100

What does a league table tell you?  Ask fans of Leicester City and they’ll tell you it means that dreams can happen.  Ask parents of the favoured local school and they’ll say it means their children can have a bright future, even if it means a house move.

For us, jumping 20 places in the Design Week league table published this week means we’re one of the biggest climbers of the year and reflects the talent and huge effort of everyone in our team.  It’s been an exciting year with a raft of new projects in education, automotive and business-to-business, amongst other sectors, as well as a busy time with us adding fresh talent to our team.  And we’re still growing through both new and existing clients, so who knows where we’ll be in next year’s table.

Going back to the football parallel, reaching the upper echelons of the league table usually means next year, they’ll be in Europe.  Not sure that’s going to be the case for any of us though, but that’s another story!

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