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07 July 2016, 11:36

Snapchat introduce 'Memories'

Snapchat have announced that you will be able to save your Snaps or Stories, and not in a screenshot fashion, by announcing 'Memories'. In short, 'Memories' lets you save your Snaps into the app, and save them as categories and the ability to search for them – essentially an album of your Snaps hosted within the app.

Snapchat say it's for personal use, allowing you to hide Snaps with 'My Eyes Only' functionality so friends don't see any awkward Snaps you may have when you show them in person via your smart phone to people. It will also to allow you to go back through previous Snaps and create Stories to share with friends and followers, with a frame appearing highlighting that it is from the past. 

This is a neat feature for everyday users to save their best Snaps, and it will also be great for content producers with vast followings so that they can now easily group and pull together new stories from previous content, image #tbt style of story documenting past experiences or for brands covering events over several days.

The inevitable question of privacy now rises, with Snapchat covering themselves by saying that it will not take any data from your Camera Roll, and all imagery and videos have to have been taken through the app and chosen to save by the user.

As with all updates, 'Memories' will start rolling out over the next couple of months, most likely in the US first. We're looking forward to giving this a whirl when it finally arrives in the UK.

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