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06 June 2016, 09:40

Twitter update - more characters to play with

Recently Twitter announced that they are making changes over the coming months that will allow us, the users make better use of the 140 character count.

One thing I find a little frustrating when using Twitter personally or for our clients is that media attachments take up valuable characters, sometimes making it a little difficult to get your point of view or brand message across. If I could have a pound for the amount of times I've said "ahhh, just one more character!"…

Twitter have now started to address this and will over the next couple of months remove media attachments (images, gifs, videos etc) from the 140 character count, leaving us with more characters to include within our Tweets. This will come as very welcome news to Twitter users and people who run brand Twitter accounts!

In addition to this, Twitter also announced the following updates that will be rolled out across the platform over the next couple of months:

  • When replying to a Tweet the @ and handle will also no longer be part of the 140 character count making conversation a little easier, especially when a brand wants to answer any queries that they may receive.
  • You will now be able to Retweet and Quote your own Tweets. This may seem a little self indulgent, Retweeting your own posts, but it could be quite useful if a Tweet didn't get as much traction as you wanted, or whether you need to further explain a point or argument.
  • A nice bit of housekeeping from Twitter on this one, but if you want to start a Tweet with an @ handle you will no longer need to add a full stop, removing the need for ".@". Starting a Tweet with an @ handle will now reach all of your followers. This is great for brands that may be communicating with a celebrity endorsement or someone with considerable influence and want their follows to see the conversation. Although this may not be seen as a welcome move when dealing with any tricking customer service queries.

They may only be small announcements from Twitter, but they are general housekeeping updates that will make the platform a little easier and more beneficial to use.

Expect these updates to be rolled out in the US first, with the UK following further down the line.

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For more information, visit the Twitter Blog for the full announcement here.

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