Engaging the global marketing community and driving new business-to-business leads

the challenge

Adobe wished to launch a new programme globally that would engage, educate, encourage people to interact with each other and create additional content the marketing community would find useful.

In addition to engaging and entertaining the target audience, a secondary objective was to capture data and have the potential to generate new leads. The expectations of the marketing professionals targeted are high. They expect interactions with Adobe to be both useful and entertaining.

our solution

Most people like to know a little more about themselves and marketers are no exception.  We thought it would be engaging to give people something that aids their understanding of themselves and entertains them at the same time.

Marketers tend to be either more creative or more analytical. Some people may know their strengths, but few will know to what extent or where they need to develop. Based on this, Adobe had the opportunity to create an entertaining way to help marketers become more balanced and compare themselves against their industry peers. Adobe can facilitate their learning to become a better marketer and engage the audience.

the outcome

We created the Great Marketing Measure, which is a responsive, multilingual website containing an accredited psychometric tool that measures how analytical or creative marketers are. 

Users visit, take a bespoke and accredited test, receive their results immediately and are able to compare themselves to peers and the broader marketing community. 

Following their results, users are invited to view a constantly updated toolkit of bespoke accredited psychometric training tools and curated content to help them develop their skills. The Great Marketing Measure is being promoted via digital media, Adobe’s email database, and partnerships with Econsultancy, Digital Doughnut and LinkedIn. 

In addition to providing skills training and content, as the Great Marketing Measure captures marketers results, content can be created that compares different sectors, size of organisations, countries, stage of careers. Within large organisations, the tool will also allow CMOs to review their team structures and deliver training to help teams develop. 

The programme is on track to deliver the forecast numbers of sign ups, engagements and new business leads.  We’ll update this as soon as we get the results.

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