Jaguar Land Rover Approved Programme

Helping Jaguar Land Rover set the standards in used car marketing

the challenge

JLR was launching a global programme designed to set the standards for how its thousands of Retailers should market used cars. Getting it right is critical, as it has a major impact on short and long-term profitability, and on the brand as a wholeOur job was to persuade Retailers worldwide to participate.

our solution

After doing research with a number of Retailers, we were clear that the traditional automotive brand method of issuing instructions and using sanctions for non-compliance wouldn’t workWe had to both inspire and support, and critically, demonstrate the commercial benefits to the Retailers of following the programme.

the outcome

We developed an extensive set of tools, wrapping them all into a digital KPI dashboard that measured everything about the programme from profit, ROI and compliance. 

The dashboard provided total transparency from Retail through to central JLR level, providing visibility of the profit available through the programme.

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