Jaguar Land Rover Global Approved Programme

Launching Jaguar and Land Rover’s global approved pre-owned vehicle programme

the challenge

As two of the world’s most iconic automotive brands, inspiring and informing its global network of retailers to properly manage how pre-owned vehicles are sourced, refurbished and promoted is a critical challenge.  Having completed an extensive project to define global standards for everything from how to locate and purchase pre-owned vehicles, how to check and refurbish them, and how to promote them, Jaguar Land Rover asked us to help launch the programme globally to its country markets and retailers.  The aim was to create a manual, setting out all the policies, practices and processes in great detail.  But as this is Jaguar Land Rover, the manual had to be designed and produced in line with the premium quality standards expected of these two great brands.

our solution

The quality and style of both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles is founded on the obsessive attention to detail in every stage of the design and manufacturing process, resulting in vehicles coveted the world over.  The Approved pre-owned programme follows this ethos, by covering every possible aspect in enormous and obsessive detail so that consumers in every country can secure a pre-owned Jaguar or Land Rover every bit as perfect as a brand new vehicle.  We decided to use this attention to detail as our core theme both for the imagery and content structure.

the outcome

We designed, edited and produced a 400 page manual for the programme, centered on the idea of “It’s all in the detail”.  This set the direction for photography, using stunning images focused in on tiny details of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, as well as highlighting important details of the programme itself.  We made extensive use of diagrams and infographics to bring to life and simplify complex and important guidelines and processes.  We interspersed the manual with a customer focus, highlighting where and why the Approved programme was both the right thing to do for the Jaguar Land Rover business, as well as worldwide consumers.

The manual was supported by a set of Quick Guides, designed for the individual Retailers, setting out their obligations under the programme, and providing them with access to the necessary resources and templates to properly implement it.  We also created a further version of the manual, re-purposed to suit the constraints of Jaguar Land Rover’s online information portal, whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of the original manual.

Since its launch in April 2015, the Approved programme has been implemented in many countries around the world and is starting to set the standards for quality, commercial returns and customer focus.  

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