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King’s published a magazine, InRecognition, to acknowledge donors for their support. They felt the publication needed updating, and were looking to replace it with a more personalised piece of communication.

the challenge

King’s published a magazine, InRecognition, twice a year as a way of acknowledging and thanking donors for their support. 

The publication showcased the work undertaken with the funds, and included a list of every donor’s name. King’s felt the publication needed updating and were looking to replace it with something more personalised.

our solution

Research had shown King’s that more personalised communication has greater resonance with donors.

We therefore wanted to create something to acknowledge individual donors for their contribution, whilst segmenting the programme cost effectively.

People who donate to King’s can choose one of four areas in which the money they have donated is spent, or can provide a general donation. We believed there were two ways to segment the communications – either by value of donation, or by area of donation. We felt the area of donation would provide the richest and most personalised content.

the outcome

Working with the Fundraising and Development team at King’s we developed a segmented programme that reflected the nature of each donation. 

Each donor would receive a DM pack with showcasing projects in their designated area of donation. People who provided a generic donation received a case study from each donation area.

We also wanted to ensure that every donor felt valued and special, no matter how large or small the donation. The main message therefore was clear and simple – to say thank you for their support.

Each donor was sent a DM pack containing a card that simply said ‘thank you’. Also included in the pack, were a signed, personalised letter and a set of four cards, each showcasing a project within a specified area of donation and a donation form to request further support. 

Donations received as a result of the mail out exceeded targets, with income exceeding targets by 16%. The response rate and number of donors also exceeded targets significantly. 

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