University of Bradford

Branding and marketing to restore an old university to its former glory.

the challenge

The University of Bradford identified that its brand positioning and marketing was not sufficiently distinct from its competitors, nor reflective of the quality experience it provided to prospective students, in the UK and internationally.  Our brief was to change this.

We were briefed to investigate how to develop the University of Bradford brand in line with a new strategic direction and a desire to better reflect the historic and genuine qualities of a university with a strong industrial, technological and research-intensive heritage.  

As with most universities, this required us to engage with academics and managers right across the institution so that we obtained real insight and secured stakeholder buy-in to the future being developed.

our solution

We reviewed the existing visual identity against the strategic positioning and found it reflected more the identity of a post-92 institution than that of a university with strong historical credentials. 

Taking cues from old technical drawings, with their finely illustrated detail, annotations and cataloguing systems, we developed a new brand look & feel that reflects the academic rigour and the industrial, technological heritage, whilst using rich, vibrant colours and imagery to maintain a modern feel relevant to students of today.

the outcome

The new brand look & feel was launched at the first UCAS fair this year, and an immediate impact was seen. 

The University of Bradford’s stand attracted over 4,500 applicants, resulted in increased enquiries to the website, and over 1,600 attendees at a subsequent Open Day, up from 400 the previous year.  We also played a key role in implementing a new CRM system in just six weeks to support interest at the UCAS fairs. The project delivered a new system with iPad on-stand data collection, response emails, new sign-up portal and extensive reporting. For the first time, Bradford not only had a significant increase in interest, but also was able to properly track and analyse this.

Our work has extended into the design of prospectuses, student recruitment campaigns, enterprise marketing and more.

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